Youth sports is unrecognisable from a generation ago. Unfortunately free-range play in backyards, driveways, and neighbourhoods is replaced by things like homework and computer games.

As a result, our youth are less active, and are perhaps only involved in one sport where kids in the 80s likely played three or even four sports per year. This may well be one of the contributing factors as to why soft tissue injuries are on the rise. Never has the need for qualified coaches been more important and we have no choice but to question the traditional training models. 

We believe there are 4 key areas that coaches need to be aware of when it comes to youth training:

  1. UNDERSTANDING VOLUME - Our experience tells us that when kids have a busy schedule at club and school level, with little or no attention to conditioning, the chances of a soft tissue injury increases. Such a packed schedule is unthinkable at a professional level! 

  2. UNDERSTAND MOVEMENT SKILLS - A coach must have an understanding of the movement patterns required for the sport and what movement skills are needed to avoid injury.

  3. A COMMITMENT TO FUN - This for us is a priority. We don't just see our program as performance enhancing but a life skill. We want to promote a healthy relationship and confidence with movement so our kids can move through life being motivated to move often! 

  4. VERSATILITY - We recognise that developing complementary movement skills to the ones they already practice will help them in any sport they choose.


Our sessions will consist of the following:

  • Mobility drills

  • Activation drills 

  • Power - Acceleration & Deceleration drills 

  • Strength - Lifting drills 

  • ESD - Energy System Development

Our purpose is a simple one:


  • To give the kids confidence to lift correctly

  • To reduce soft tissue injuries 

  • Enhance performance 

  • To have FUN