10 Tips For Surviving The Festive Season

You’re busy, stressed and surrounded by tasty treats everywhere you go. How is anyone supposed to make it to January intact? Fortunately, it is possible to make healthy choices during the holidays. If you follow these 10 tips, you’ll be well on your way to navigating the festive season like a pro. 1 Allow yourself to indulge Even I find it difficult to resist the dessert table at times. Believe it or not, sometimes giving in is the best thing you can do. Adam Drewnowski, PhD, from the University of Washington, advises that “dietary restrictions definitely make cravings worse,” and may lead to a binge later on. Go ahead and enjoy your favorites in moderation. Just be sure to make he

How Danielle Found Time To Complete The New York Marathon

“I am too busy”…this is often the most common excuse used for not being able to do something. This could have justifiably been the case for one of my clients in not pursuing her dream of running the New York Marathon. Introducing Danielle Wilkins - busy mother of two, Obstetrician and director of maternity services at Cabrini Hospital. Fair to say that Danielle not only had a lot on her plate but couple that with erratic working hours this journey was no small feat. Danielle had run some 5 and 10 km runs over the years but nothing close to the sorts of distances she would need to cover in her training leading up to the 42 km’s of the marathon. This and trying to squeeze the extra training am

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