10 Biggest Food Myths

It is not often that I read a blog that really makes sense when it comes to weight-loss. When a good friend of mine who is also in the industry, Summer, posted this blog on her business page it caught my attention. Finally, something that makes sense and written so people can understand. I have summarised the MUST know's below and you will find the link to the full blog here. All calories are created equal I have heard this line over and over and I am sure that is my 22 year career that I also believed it as some point. This is simply not correct all calories and NOT created equally. To lose weight you need to understand that there are good and bad calories and choosing the quality ones is w

6 Foundation Principles Of Health

There is no right or wrong way to train or good nor is there such a thing as a bad exercise. Now, as strange as that sounds it is true! The training you do should be appropriate for your needs and lifestyle. It also needs be done at the right time and on top of all that in must be performed in the right way. Every training program has an impact, both positive and negative, on the body and therefore every session has a cost. Listening to your body and balancing your training with quality movement and recovery will ensure the effects are positive. The type of training you should do depends on your particular goals. No one program fits all! Someone once told me “if you fail to plan you plan to

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