How Alcohol Affects Your Fat Loss

After reading an article in the women’s Health Magazine I felt motivated to write a blog on this very topic. Given I enjoy a sneaky glass or two at times and the fact that being a personal trainer I am sure I get judged for doing so. I guess the difference is I do believe that everything in moderation is important and when you understand what happens on the inside you can make an educated decision whether to indulge or not. I am sure everyone knows that the amount of alcohol you consume has an effect on how much weight you lose or put on....right? The question is do you really understand why? If you are anything like me, I need to know the facts about why I should limit something I enjoy. I

5 Minutes With Rhiannon

Rhiannon joined our team in 2015 after deciding to put her teaching on hold and continue to follow her passion for helping people, just in a different way. Dean and I instantly fell in love with her professionalism, her ability to empathise and commitment to people in general. Aside from her impressive resume it was her ability to connect with us and therefore has given us the confidence that she will look after our client's that landed her a place on our team. We are excited and again grateful to have Rhiannon on our strong team. - Kirsty & Dean We asked her to give us a full insight into her healthy life: 1. Training philosophy in one sentence - Train to support and nourish your body physi

5 Minutes With Iona

Iona has been with us at StudioForty6 since 2014 after impressing us with her previous experience in running her own online business. It wasn't long before we realised her passion for health and wellness. Iona’s story is unique and one that Dean and I admire. When someone is told not to work or exercise again, it would be easy to give up. Not Iona, she did the opposite. It is because of this personal journey that we wanted Iona not only in our admin team but on our training team also. She has a way with client's that is nurturing yet strong, empathetic and compassionate, which is what makes her so valuable to our team. - Kirsty & Dean We asked her to give us a full insight into her healthy l

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