Train Your Trainer!

For the month of May at StudioForty6 Personal Training Has Dean ever made you work so hard you’ve secretly (or not so secretly) called him every name under the sun? Has Louisa pushed you when you didn’t think you could be pushed anymore? Has Aiden made getting through a bootcamp session without collapsing in a heap afterwards impossible? Have any of the trainers trained you in a way that would make you want to get your own back! Well now is the time... WHY? We thought it would be fun to 'get your trainer back' and at the same time raise money for two very important charities. With the co-founders of the studio, Dean and Kirsty, personally knowing the Murray family and Kirsty loosing her mum

Our Top 5 Mindfulness Apps

In today's world, it's near impossible not to feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious from time to time. Whether it's because of long work hours, family pressures or money worries, we can all feel like it’s too much sometimes. Luckily, there’s some pretty amazing apps out there now that can help us feel the calm and the control once more. Here’s our top 5! 1. Smiling Mind - With a huge selection of different programs and meditation subjects, Smiling Mind is perfect for taking a 5 minute breather at work, putting your headphones on and regaining some calm. 2. Headspace - This app starts you off with a 10 minute meditation once a day for 10 days. Along with some very cute graphics, Headspace is

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