Changing Your Habits

Ever since I can remember, either myself or a friend or family member has been on a diet. I can’t even tell you how many crash diets I have tried, getting instant results, but then putting back on most of the weight as soon as I returned to my normal eating habits. The issue is that most people see weight loss as a one-time thing. As soon as you lose weight, its never coming back again and all the hard work is done. Truth is, if you want to shift any form of weight or lose body fat percentage for the long term, you need to make lifestyle changes and tackle those bad habits. By making healthy changes to your eating habits one step at a time, they will soon become a part of your everyday routi

Mango And Spinach Smoothie

Yay, it's Friday! So to finish off the week we had a delicious mango and spinach smoothie as part of our lunch today in the StudioForty6 office - yum! Here's a recipe from Half Baked Harvest so you can make you're own too! Ingredients 1 very ripe mango or 1 cup frozen mango chunks 1 ripe banana, fresh or frozen 2 large handfuls of spinach (may also use kale) 1 inch piece fresh ginger, peeled 1 cup orange juice 1/2 cup milk (I like using coconut milk) 1/2 cup fresh coconut meat (optional)* 1 teaspoon maca powder 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 passion fruit, pulp removed (optional) Instructions Combine all ingredients in a high powder blender except the passion fruit. Blend until completely smooth and n

6 tips to hitting your 2017 fitness goals

I always find this time of the year interesting listening to people talking about their goals after the holidays are over. ‘In 2017 I am going to include more mindfulness, run a marathon, eat more seeds’ whatever it is, most of us miss the mark. It is a fact that setting the goals is one thing, but achieving them is another. Planning the journey will give you a much better success rate than if you just set the goal. Losing weight or achieving a meaningful goal is no different to a child learning to walk. You take baby steps (pardon the pun). You fall and you get up again. You don’t see a child falling over and then just sit there and give up. “Stuff it I am just going to sit for the rest of

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