Are Your Habits Stopping You From Achieving Weight-loss?

Habit breaking is undoubtedly one of the hardest things to do. Especially those associated with weight-loss. In fact I haven’t really had much success in breaking habits in the 20 + years of coaching clients. What I have had success in is making new habits. Doing this requires far less will power and will ultimately cancel out the bad ones! To this you first must understand the 3 R’s as identified in Charles Duhigg ‘The Power of habit’. They are: Reminder Routine Reward Charles refers to it as the habit loop and this is what we need to work on breaking. We need a reminder to make a new routine and then be rewarded for this. We have all been exposed to such a loop every time we hop in the car

What is the best training plan to combat ageing?

I think as movement coaches we are often challenged with this question on a weekly basis. Everyone wants to know what is the best form of training to get them the best results. It makes sense; we have less time than ever before, yet desire to be healthier than ever. So if we do make the time then it better be good for me, right? I will do my best here to answer this question in one word. V A R I A B I L I T Y In other words all training techniques! We need to train the big four. MUSCLES. BONES. TISSUE. CNS (Central Nervous System). That sounds not only weird but complicated. Trust me it is not. Not if you understand the following…. We all need strong muscles given we lose strength as we age

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