Should I stick to a meal plan?

The short answer is : probably not. Why not? Forgive us for a few posts about calories and meal plans but it seems that there is a misconception out there that if clients can get their hands on a meal plan then the weight will fall off. This is simply not true unless it comes from someone who is an expert in this area and tailors it for YOU! Meaning they have run extensive tests and questioning to determine what will work for you. Sadly, we are all completely different and not one method will work for everyone. If it did we would all be on that plan, right? It is for this reason you will not find a meal plan at StudoForty6. What you will find are strategies to help you identify unhealthy ha

Why counting calories doesn't work!

We are often asked at StudioForty6 if we count calories. The answer to that is a big fat NO! There are many reasons why we don't apart from the obvious one of 'who has time to count calories'. Unfortunately counting calories is a very old, out dated method of loosing weight. I remember being told that if you're looking to lose body fat, calorie counting was the obvious step to slim down. Thinking about it; It seems to make sense - the amount of calories you burn needs to be more than the amount of calories you consume and weight loss is bound to happen. It sounds simple, but counting calories is anything but, and because of this isn't the best way to hit your goal. Here are our top 5 reasons

Portion Sizes and weight-loss

If you are trying to lose body fat; think you are following a pretty healthy diet and exercise regularly but just can’t seem to reach your g

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