8 Tips To Stay On Track This Holiday Season

Holiday season is well and truly upon us. As magical as this time of year may be, it’s easily the hardest time of year in terms of making healthy choices. It’s easy to slip out of exercise routines, and feel like food is surrounding us, making it difficult to stay on track. Here are our tips to tackle this festive season: 1. Stay Active Just because it’s Christmas and the New Year, doesn’t mean you need to flip your whole routine. Make the most of the outdoors, go for walks, go swimming, play tennis, go for that hike, dance at the party, try a new gym class or even a home circuit. Exercise is a great way to get your daily dose of endorphins and relieve stress during this busy period.

3 Must-Do Abdominal Exercises For 2019!

Late night infomercials promoting strange gadgets and social media 'fitness experts' all promising you a 6 pack that you have always wanted but sadly, in reality this just doesn’t happen. Coupled with outdated training methods and the fact that the only way to really see your abs is through your nutrition choices, these exercise don’t allow the core to do what they it is designed to do and that is to keep the back safe. The truth is we need the good old plank to protect us from extending or bending backwards safely, side planks to help us with lateral flexion and deadlift or hinge exercises to strengthen us in a flexion (bending forwards) pattern. Finally, the one that is not always performe

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