Having trouble sleeping? Is your room too hot?

At the time of writing I have a 1 month old daughter. And before she was born I had the same line repeated to me over and over again. ‘Get as much sleep now because you won’t be getting any once she’s arrived!’ In all honesty she’s been pretty great sleep wise. My wife would probably say otherwise as she’s the one getting up to do the nighttime feeds. For obvious reasons. But so far she’s allowing us more sleep than we first expected. Which means I’ve been able to, Continue to be consistent with my training Kept my focus on work And not felt like any crazy binges on calorie dense comfort foods All things that sleep deprivation can have a big impact on. I can’t really have much of an influenc


AN OVERVIEW FOR PARENTS With this article, I want to give you an overview of: 1. What strength and conditioning (S+C) is, 2. What it looks like for youth athletes and 3. The huge benefits of S+C training. There are so many ways to take this and I love getting into the details, but for today let's look at the basics. 1. WHAT IS STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING: Simply put, strength and conditioning looks to improve the bio motor (athletic) qualities held by an individual. These include strength (think the ability to produce force), speed/power (think sprinting and jumping), endurance (longer duration, aerobic activities), coordination (balance and motor control) and flexibility/mobility (the abilit

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