S46 GROUP drop in session

One session


This is perfect for those clients who are engaging in some private sessions or are motivated and just looking for something different.

S46 GROUP 5 session pass

5 sessions


Perfect for those who have a training plan and adding a session into their program. or don't want to fully commit just yet. 

EXPIRY - 6 months from sale date

S46 GROUP 10 session pass 

10 sessions


Great for those committed to their training. 

EXPIRY - 12 months from the sale date 

Group46 Unlimited pass - Auto pay 




For the serious exerciser who wants the best deal. 

Includes unlimited group sessions + live-streaming + Video On Demand

Paid Fortnightly on an Autopay.

Group46 Limited pass - Auto pay 

3 sessions a week


For the committed exerciser who does a combination of things

Limited to 3 sessions per week 

Paid Fortnightly on an Autopay.

UPFRONT Unlimited pass - 3 months 

Unlimited sessions


For those who would rather pay upfront to keep them accountable. 

Unlimited sessions for 3 months. 

UPFRONT Unlimited pass - 6 months 

Unlimited sessions


Paying upfront to keep them accountable for longer to ensure fitness goals are met. 

Unlimited sessions for 6 months.