Training Is Not A Habit, It's a Commitment

I don’t know what you all did for a workout on Sunday but I can tell you I was not looking forward to mine. In fact I had decided that I would not workout as I had done 4 this week and that was enough. Even though I had set myself a goal once I had recovered from my surgery that I would commit to 5 a week as much as I could.

I sit here now writing this blog as I have just completed a 700+ calorie and a 220 MEP (MYZONE users will understand that) workout and I feel fantastic. What changed my mind I hear you ask... can you believe, a fact stated in the ‘Body and Soul’ section in the Sun which said:

“6.7 million is the number of people who visited emergency at a public hospital in the past 12 months – more than 18,000 a day!!!”

Now that is a scary stat and it reminded me of what it is was like when my training ability was taken away from me. During those long 6 months of recovery all I could do was walk and let me tell you walking really does nothing for your aerobic fitness, muscle tone or endorphins (a happy chemical released when exercising)!!

So, thanks to the Body and Soul section of the paper, which by the way I rarely read, I popped myself on my spin bike and off I peddled. I wasn’t planning to train hard; just move is what I told myself and move I did.

I guess I am sharing this with you all to send the message that exercise is not habit. Although, ideally we would love to have it on our toothbrush list and just do it, rarely is this the case. It requires thought and planning. It is not easy to motivate yourself to get out there and get sweaty. Lets face it, it is annoying. It takes time, you get uncomfortable as your heart rate climbs, the sweat comes then you have to jump in the shower (girls have to wash hair)!! All of these things play over in your head as you try and find a reason NOT to train. Well, that was me this morning anyway. Until you realize there is absolutely no reason not to move.

That being said, below are my tips for just getting it done...

  1. Remind yourself why you need to train. Remember what it feels like to NOT train. Imagine if you actually physically cannot train. What would it feel like if you couldn’t get out there and get sweaty? If your body is able then you must move.

  2. Just put your training gear on….it is incredible how the mind set changes once you have your gear on. It is almost like a switch if flicked and the energy starts to flow.

  3. Don’t put pressure on yourself …… by this I mean don’t try and break any records. When I am low on motivation and just tell myself that something is better than nothing. If after 15 minutes I am struggling then I will stop and just finish with a walk. In all the years I have been training not once have I stopped. In fact it is days like today that I kick butt and do train like a women possessed! Exercise will give you energy.

  4. Remind yourself how good if feels when you finish. The rest of your day will be more productive.

  5. Be grateful that you could train. I have met so many people over the years that have had that right taken away from them and would give anything to move the way I can. It is because of them that I am grateful everyday that I have the choice to train.

As I wrap this up and get on with my day I want you all to remember that exercising just doesn’t happen. It isn’t natural and it does require thought and effort. You are not alone with the excuses it just depends whether you have worked out what your reason/motivation for training is and what is the pay off if you don’t.

For me, it is about not becoming one of those 6.7 million who visit an emergency and a hospital every year. It is to be the best mum, wife, friend and boss I can be and to do that I need to be fit and healthy.

Written by Kirsty Robbie - Founder of StudioForty6 and CHEK exercise coach.

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