The Newest Food Pyramid Release

Thank you Nutrition Australia. As of Monday we have a new food pyramid. As a personal trainer I could not be happier to see this new pyramid making more sense and similar to how I personally like to eat.

Myself, as well as the rest of the team rely heavily on quality education given a personal trainer's scope of practice is to only give guidance to our client's regarding nutrition. We leave the dietary plans to those who are trained and who can consider the multitude of factors that influence a person's health like nutritionists and naturopaths.

For me, to see veggies at the bottom, with lots of green ones mentioned and most importantly the replacement and elimination of processed foods, margarine and sugars is a relief! I also love the inclusion of water, herbs and spices. They all play a role in keeping us healthy so it is all a welcome change. Just ask my husband, Dean, he loves a good herb or 10!!!

Now to just get the message out there...that eating well is not complicated. It just takes planning and consistency in what you are doing. Just like training your eating habits need to be organised. If we can plan catch ups, meetings, haircuts etc then we can do this too. I was always told that anything worth doing is never easy!

Here are my little tips to put into play straight away that will make a difference and shouldn’t stress you too much.

  1. Increase your veggie intake. Winter is a great time to do this as you can make some great soups which you can hide the veggies!

  2. Increase your water intake. This is huge and is often overlooked as being important. What ever you drink now aim to increase it by 500ml and see the difference in how you feel and you bowel movements….sorry to pop that in.

  3. Replace one of your evening meals with soup. Consume your heavier meal at lunch time and I promise you will wake up feeling lighter than you did when you went to bed!

  4. Be aware of what your portion size should be. Refer to one of my previous blogs to know what it should be. Reducing this slightly will also have an impact.

Finally, when it comes to making change it is important to not make too many big ones straight away. It can be a common mistake that is made and then it all gets too hard. Remember this journey is about a lifestyle change and it is forever. You can’t expect to undo a lifetime habit in a couple of weeks. Be patient!

Written by Kirsty Robbie - Founder of StudioForty6 and CHEK exercise coach.

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