My Top Apps For Tracking Your Progress

I am not really a ‘app’ kinda girl but when I do feel in the mood to get serious about kicking my butt then I will turn to these apps to get me there. I am not saying that I use them consistently (I may have better results if I did) but rather for a week or even on a day when I am curious to see what kind of day I’ve had. That is how you can educate yourself and hopefully, in turn change habits. Remembering we can never eliminate a habit but rather replace the old one with a new one, and at that the aim is to replace it with a good one! So below I have listed my top 8 apps to help you make change.


Nike+ Training Club - This is a great app to use when you are on holidays or stuck at home with the kids - something is better than nothing right! I found this app a couple of years ago but it wasn’t until Lexi, one of our Exercise Physiologists, was named the Nike trainer for Melbourne and reminded how good this app actually is.

Runkeeper - this is for the running enthusiasts out there. There are plenty of other great apps but this one is simple and FREE. My thoughts are; if you are going to run why not track it and then post it.

Myzone - This app measures your training effort and records it. They have just launched the new app which is much better. You do need to have the belt to do this which you have access to at StudioForty6 otherwise it is now available online from the e-commerce store. This technology will educate you on how hard you are actually working with 99%+ accuracy. The trainer loves it too as they know hard to work you!


Myfitnesspal - This is great to track your nutrition. The food database is the largest by far and it remembers foods that you tend to eat allot of making the entry time faster. I love that it shows the protein, carbohydrate and fat intake percentages so I can clearly see if my ratio of foods are on track. This may be hard for the everyday person to interpret; enter your personal trainer. Again, like any type of food diary it can be tedious but at some point you do have to track what you are doing in order to change. It is not different to a business tracking its performance! I have used this app on and off to see if what I thought was a good day actually was and likewise with a bad day. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised or horrified!

Green Kitchen - The is my latest addition to my ‘app’ collection. It did cost me $6.49 but it is well worth it. They are all vegetarian meals, just to be clear, I am not vegetarian, but love to give the digestive system a break from eating red meat and prepare at least one to two ‘non meat’ meals a week. You will love this. It has 7 different sections Breakfasts, Drinks, Mains, Soups, Salads, Desserts and sides.

General well being

Sleep Cycle - I have heard many people talk about this app but had never really explored it until a couple of months ago. It told me a lot about why I am waking up unrested. It doesn’t help you sleep better or get to sleep, but it does track your quality of sleep which is important in weightloss and day to day function! Once you have this data it can then help you identify areas that you need to address like getting to bed earlier, unplugging from life or reducing your coffee intake.

Fluid balance - this is a very simple visual of how hydrated you are. It will calculate how much water you actually need per day based on your weight. It will then send you reminders to drink and tips on why. Again, all aimed at changing habits.

1 Giant mind - if you are into meditation I have been told by Brett, one of our StudioForty6 trainers, this is the one. Personally I know I need more meditation in my life but I am not quite there yet. I do now have this app loaded on my phone so watch this space. Maybe this could be a blog in the future on how I added meditation into my daily routine.

So there you have it, my top 8 apps. In saying that there are so many to choose from you just have to find one that works for you and you are motivated by. If you have a personal trainer chat to them and ask for their thoughts on what apps they use.

Have fun downloading!

Train safe, have fun and create change.

Written by Kirsty Robbie - Founder of StudioForty6 and CHEK exercise coach.

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