What's Your Reason?

Motivation by definition is:

the reason or reasons for someone acting or behaving in a particular way or the general desire or willingness for someone to do something.

Have you ever wondered what drives these athletes day in day out? Take the 50km walk event as an example. What in the earth motivates these athletes to walk (very strangely) for the next 3 1/2 hours?!! Or the 1500m swimmers. Whenever you see them being interviewed they talk about the pain they are in from the halfway point in the race. Seriously, why would you?

Are they any different to the rest of us who are trying to find the motivation to move?

In my opinion the answer is, YES they are. Not because they are gifted (well, maybe a little) but because It has to come do to one word ‘REASON’. You have got to have a reason. Your actions must have consequence. For me, if I don't train it's not the end of the world in terms of how I look, that doesn't drive me but avoiding breast cancer and being a role model for my kids does. This is what motivates me. Those athletes lining up for the race must have had a reason for training hard that is bigger than fame or money. I am sure they weren't thinking "great, it’s a nice day, I am going to enjoy this moment"... The must have had a desire so great that collapsing across the finish line was worth it.

I realised that in order to succeed there must be a goal and there must be a plan. Compare it to the school curriculum or a business, they all have a plan and a goal that cannot be missed or the consequences are too great.

So with that being said here are my tips on getting your training started but this time for good...

  1. Reason - you MUST find it. Without this you may fall at the first hurdle. This is your foundation. This is what will get you moving when you perhaps don't what to. This may take time to realise or it may even come to you as you progress.

  2. Meaning - It's got to have real meaning for YOU. You will know what it is when you find it. It cannot be or anyone else as it is the thing you will keep coming back to when times are tough.

  3. Book it in your diary - when you get back to the hustle and bustle of life you need to schedule in your workouts. If you don't they will not happen.

  4. Realistic – Have a training plan that is realistic and achievable. One of the biggest mistakes people make is going too hard too early and they either get injured or burnt out. Instead of scheduling in 5 sessions a week start with what you can cope with without stress. If you have time for more, then bonus...again success! Make it a habit just like brushing your teeth. It becomes part of your daily and weekly schedule.

  5. Don't pressure yourself - by that I mean just move. You don't have to break any records every session. So many times I said to myself in Fiji “I will just run for 10 minutes and see how I feel then I can always ride the bike”. Sure enough 30 minutes later I had not only ran the whole time but threw in interval sprints too. There is no disappointing yourself then, just a huge high from endorphins. Some days you will just do the bare minimum and that is Ok and others you will break records. The key is just keep moving.

  6. Lastly: Write it down and share it with someone – don’t underestimate the power of a team or the support of someone. A thought is just a dream that has not been acted upon and by speaking it out loud you are committing yourself to fulfilling that dream.

Your challenge is to find your why. I encourage you all to really understand what motivates you, find your reason and I promise things will be different. Someone close to me told me last Friday not to put anything off that is important as tomorrow may be too late.

I look forward to hearing your reason...until then happy thinking and see you soon.

Written by Kirsty Robbie - Founder of StudioForty6 and CHEK exercise coach.

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