6 Foundation Principles Of Health

There is no right or wrong way to train or good nor is there such a thing as a bad exercise. Now, as strange as that sounds it is true! The training you do should be appropriate for your needs and lifestyle. It also needs be done at the right time and on top of all that in must be performed in the right way. Every training program has an impact, both positive and negative, on the body and therefore every session has a cost. Listening to your body and balancing your training with quality movement and recovery will ensure the effects are positive.

The type of training you should do depends on your particular goals. No one program fits all! Someone once told me “if you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Before you begin your training program you need to get clear about your goals and set objectives for your training.

Fitness is made up of many factors meaning different things to so many people. The only thing that shouldn’t vary from person to person is the following 6 principles of health.


Ever heard the saying “you are what you think you are?” Healthy thoughts make healthy bodies. Have your positive thoughts written down and say them every day to re-enforce them.


Without breathe we have no life. Understanding how to breathe correctly can reduce stress and increase quality of life.


It is not just about the amount of water you consume daily (.033 L of water for every kg of your body weight) but the quality. The best bottled water to have is Evian or Fiji water as it contains the essential minerals our bodies need.


We should aim to be in bed by 10 pm and asleep by 10.30 pm to ensure adequate physical and mental repair time. Between 10pm & 2am is the time for physical repair and from 2-6am is mental repair. This is why you wake up and then cannot get back to sleep if you have things on your mind.


Try and eat organic wholefoods as often as possible. Again it is about quality and we only have one body and it needs to last a lifetime. There is so much out there on what is good and what isn’t. Our philosophy is if it wasn’t living then don’t eat it. The more refined something is the worse it is for you. Stick to wholefood that has not been interfered with! If it comes in a packet then it is probably not great for you!


Quality movement is a must. Ensure you have stretch and mobility exercises included and the movement patterns mimic the ‘cave man’. We all need to train smarter not harder and listen to what our bodies are telling us. If you are feeling flat then just choose to walk or do a shorter run than normal. You will find that once you start your energy will increase and you will end up training well and feeling great for doing it. If you chose to do nothing then you can’t expect to change.

Written by Kirsty Robbie - Founder of StudioForty6 and CHEK exercise coach.

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