Our Top 5 Mindfulness Apps

In today's world, it's near impossible not to feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious from time to time. Whether it's because of long work hours, family pressures or money worries, we can all feel like it’s too much sometimes.

Luckily, there’s some pretty amazing apps out there now that can help us feel the calm and the control once more. Here’s our top 5!

1. Smiling Mind - With a huge selection of different programs and meditation subjects, Smiling Mind is perfect for taking a 5 minute breather at work, putting your headphones on and regaining some calm.

2. Headspace - This app starts you off with a 10 minute meditation once a day for 10 days. Along with some very cute graphics, Headspace is the app you need to start incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine.

3. Happify - After a quick questionnaire, Happify recommends specific ‘track’ for you to focus on. Within this it will nudge you to think about and question certain aspects of your life to make you more positive.

4. Pacifica - Allowing you to record daily how you’re feeling, asking what makes you feel like that and thinking about what goals to work to, Pacifica is like a feelings diary that keeps you aware of where your head is at.

5. SAM - Short for self-help anxiety management, SAM is a tracker for those who suffer from anxiety and offers tips on how to keep it at bay.

So there you have it, give them a go and see if it helps you live a more mindful, present and stress-free life!

Written by Iona Bruce - StudioForty6 Fitness Coach

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