Train Your Trainer!

For the month of May at StudioForty6 Personal Training

Has Dean ever made you work so hard you’ve secretly (or not so secretly) called him every name under the sun? Has Louisa pushed you when you didn’t think you could be pushed anymore? Has Aiden made getting through a bootcamp session without collapsing in a heap afterwards impossible? Have any of the trainers trained you in a way that would make you want to get your own back! Well now is the time...


We thought it would be fun to 'get your trainer back' and at the same time raise money for two very important charities. With the co-founders of the studio, Dean and Kirsty, personally knowing the Murray family and Kirsty loosing her mum to breast cancer as a child felt these two charities could benefit from our communities generosity.


Registration: All you need to do is set up a training time directly with your trainer.


A minimum of $70 donation required. However, please feel free to donate even if you do not wish to train your trainer. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible and to have some fun!


Mummy’s Wish

Provides practical pathways for Australian families who find themselves navigating a journey with cancer.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

Teenager Will Murray sustained a neck injury at Half Moon Bay in January 2016 and has been left a Quadriplegic. A foundation has been set up to help Will and his family decrease the significant financial pressures placed on the Murrays by the tragic accident.

There will be two charity boxes at reception where your donation can be left. You have a month to organise the extra session with your trainer or if you have a several trainers get them together all at once!!

Looking forward to a fun month joining together as one community helping those less fortunate than us.

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