How To Realistically Make Your New Year Goal

Eat better.

Stop drinking during the week.

Stop yelling at my kids.

Get a personal trainer or go to a gym.

Stop smoking.

Set a budget and stick to it.

Have a 6 pack by my 40th (that one is mine, sorry about that!!).

Sound familiar? New Year’s resolutions will not just happen unless you work on it. You need to do different, you need to change your approach and in most cases your mind set. After all the definition of crazy is ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome’.

So with that being said, and I am sure we have all made a resolution of some sort at some point; I have put together some things that might head you in the right direction. Or at the very least get you thinking.

Establish the WHY.

Why is this journey or resolution important to you? What would it mean to you to achieve this? Picture how it will feel if you get there and on the flip side how would you feel if you didn’t? Knowing the WHY is probably the hardest part as it requires you to be very honest with yourself and ask the hard questions. Decide what it would take to achieve the goals and how important they are to you. The way I look at it is if you can’t be honest with yourself then who can you be honest with!


This is key. Look at other years and think about why you didn’t achieve your goal or in some cases why you did succeed. Doing this will help you identify potential road blocks and then you can put measures into place to prevent missing your target.

Bring your PRIMARY goal to the forefront of you mind

Strange and let’s face it a little wanky (can I say that?) but it really does work. What you think most about you will become!! Surround yourself with your goals and positive people. Write them down, share them or even create a document and folder somewhere on your computer. Make sure you give it a name you will remember but one that is not that obvious just in case. Once you commit them to paper that have more opportunity to come to life.

I have even seen people write on their mirrors or stick post-it notes on things as reminders of their journey and where they are heading. Pretty cool I think. Again, focus on what your goal is and what it will do for you.

Constant REVIEW

A common mistake with resolutions is we get on with the year and we forget. Once your sabbatical is over you must revisit your written goals, file, sticky note whatever you wrote them on. This will reinforce your goals and freedom to make choices of your own.

Remember that goals can be changed, adapted or even thrown out; if you decide it isn’t important anymore.


Practice setting weekly and monthly goals. Not just any random goal but goals that are aligned with the big picture. Dean and I are known for having a blackboard at home with are targets written on it. In fact some of our team think we have some special power!! They really do work….

I guess we will see how effective this stuff is as you now all know what my goal is for my 40th!! Trouble...

Happy planning people and if you need to share them with someone we are here!!

Written by Kirsty Robbie - Founder of StudioForty6 and CHEK exercise coach.

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