5 Minutes With Iona

Iona has been with us at StudioForty6 since 2014 after impressing us with her previous experience in running her own online business. It wasn't long before we realised her passion for health and wellness. Iona’s story is unique and one that Dean and I admire. When someone is told not to work or exercise again, it would be easy to give up. Not Iona, she did the opposite. It is because of this personal journey that we wanted Iona not only in our admin team but on our training team also. She has a way with client's that is nurturing yet strong, empathetic and compassionate, which is what makes her so valuable to our team.

- Kirsty & Dean

We asked her to give us a full insight into her healthy life:

  1. Training philosophy in one sentence: Work out because you LOVE your body, NOT because you hate it!

  2. Fave daily workout: This really depends on how my body is feeling on the day, as mine varies a lot. As long as I’m listening to my body, I love whichever work out I end up doing!

  3. Why StudioForty6: I love the community that StudioForty6 has, within the team and with all our clients. Everyone is extremely supportive, up for a laugh and there for you through both ups and downs.

  4. Fave motivational quote: 'She turned her can’ts into cans, and her dreams into plans.’

  5. Daily breakfast: Depending on how much of a rush I’m in, either eggs or a breakfast smoothie.

  6. How do you take your coffee: I know it’s seen as a crime in Melbourne, but I don’t like coffee! I’d much rather have a herbal tea.

  7. 5 staples always in my pantry:

  • Quinoa

  • All the green veggies!

  • An array of fruits for smoothies

  • Eggs

  • Lentils

8. Go to juice or smoothie: I usually just put whatever fruit & veg I have handy and blend it into a yummy smoothie. But I do love getting the odd juice from Green Cup or Combi. Yum!

9. Strange wellness habit: I don’t really think any wellness habit is strange. If it works for you then that’s all that matters :)

10. Training tool obsession: The studio has such an amazing range of equipment to work with that it’s very hard to choose! But I’d probably say the Total Gym (Gravity training) & TRX are my favourites.

11. 5 Dream dinner dates: Hmmm, I’m not really fussed about celebrities or famous people so I’d just say all my family and friends from back home.

12. Fave things to cook for friends: I love having dinners with friends where we all bring a dish and have a big feast of all different foods.

13. Wine, spirits or cocktails: I love a few rum, cola & limes as a treat now and then!

14. Fave training activity besides the studio: Hiking, running & yoga.

15. Summer or winter? Summer! Being from Scotland I’ve had enough cold weather to last me a lifetime!

16. I love this book: Oh, the places you’ll go!

17. At least once a week I try and...Stop. Lie down. Put my headphones on. Close my eyes. And breathe.

18. Room I hang out in the most at home: Definitely my bedroom - that’s where my bed is!

19. Fave countries to travel to: Hardest question yet. I’ve traveled around Europe, South America & Australia so far. But Japan. New Zealand, Nepal, Iceland & Canada are still definitely on my to-do list.

20. Must have app: I love my apps! Couch to 5k really helped me when I started running, I’m always on Instagram (follow me! @ionabruce), Clue is a godsend and the MyZone app is awesome for tracking my workouts.

21. Your fave healthy recipe to cook at home: Sweet potato, pumpkin & ginger soup. So easy & so yummy!

So there you have it, a little insight into what makes Iona tick! Iona has also written for magazines and websites, so check out her latest blogs for this year. If you would like to book in for a session with Iona give us a call 9500 2066.

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