Movement Shouldn't Be A Burden!

I have successfully worked it out… movement and exercise should NEVER be a burden! Finding an activity or workout regime to embrace and include in your life is essential to your commitment to healthy intentions. Exercise is so important for the health of our hearts, but it goes way beyond that. Understanding what our body needs and when you need it is just as important.

Being a Personal Trainer has allowed me to see first hand the philosophy behind moods, stress, energy, motivation and intentions of my clients and most of the time people tend to do exercise that is against what their bodies actually need. This is such a common mistake made by many.

The key is to be active in life and to have fun with it. Not smashing ourselves continuously and really listening to our body and what it’s telling us. I just adore the quote “when stressed, it the most important time to actually stop” I know right…. how the hell are we getting it so wrong and doing the complete opposite?

Ill tell you why… we think its normal. We thing its normal to be exhausted, we think its normal to sleep poorly and be on edge mentally. All of these factors are usually linked to our Adrenal Glands and Thyroids.

Adrenal Glands are the cause of hormonal imbalances when our cortisol levels are high. Basically our body is in survival mode and surviving on 'fake' energy that we don’t actually have. Side effects of this include increased stress levels and stored fat cells - guess what? This means losing weight and detoxing becomes near on impossible.

“Go smarter not harder and you will transform your life more simply and affordably than you ever thought possible. ‘Jonathan Bailor- the Calorie Myth’ Yin and Yang

In Chinese culture, the yin-yang symbol represents the interaction between two opposing forces: dark and light, cold and hot, soft and hard, feminine and masculine. Almost everything, from food to environments to individuals, can be described as having both yin and yang properties, and exercise is no exception.

Alternate between cardio, strength, stretch, sculpt and tone (this means alternating within one workout or over consecutive days.

An Ideal workout for the healthy, hormone balanced individual can look like:

Twice a week try to do a strenuous workout to get the heart pumping that includes:

- 20-30 min of cardio

- 20-30 min of strengthening

- 20-30 min of strength / sculpt / tone / stretch


Below are just SOME of the wonderful options of FUN exercise options out there. You don’t need to feel like you have to be just one type, you can have a play around with these activities to add some FUN into your ‘ Four Hours of Exercise’ for the Be Well By Courtney Winter Challenge. LETS FEEL MORE ACTIVE THEN EVER AND HAVE SOME FUN DOING IT”

What TYPE are you?

- Be an explorer- yoga, surfing climbing

- Be a mover- running, spinning, skiing or cycling

- Be a strengthener- weight lifter, interval trainer

- Be a dancer- NIA dance, Zumba or 5 rhythms.

- Be a toner- Pilates, ballet classes, Barre , Gravity Bed

- Be a player- Bounce, hula hooping, skipping rope

- Be a competitor- swimming, tennis, squash, table tennis, basketball, footy, golf and swimming

Written by Courtney Jay Whitaker - Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor

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