What is the best training plan to combat ageing?

I think as movement coaches we are often challenged with this question on a weekly basis. Everyone wants to know what is the best form of training to get them the best results. It makes sense; we have less time than ever before, yet desire to be healthier than ever. So if we do make the time then it better be good for me, right?

I will do my best here to answer this question in one word.

V A R I A B I L I T Y In other words all training techniques! We need to train the big four. MUSCLES. BONES. TISSUE. CNS (Central Nervous System).

That sounds not only weird but complicated. Trust me it is not. Not if you understand the following….

We all need strong muscles given we lose strength as we age. So, we need to incorporate bodybuilding. Yes, you heard right we need to be body builders (insert a chuckle). Lifting weights that challenge you is the only way to get stronger muscles. So that needs to be incorporated.

Our heart health and vascular system needs some work too. So doing exercises that make us huff and puff also need to be in there somewhere. Things like swimming, cycling, running, walking up hills, hiking, dancing … use your imagination. Anything that makes you breathe faster!

Our bones need some love too. I don’t mean density; that is covered off with lifting weights, I mean our joints. Our body is smart. It’s priority is to make sure that our bones don’t hit each other or there will be trouble. For us to move well we need joints that can move freely and that are stable. Movement promotes movement. Spending time doing some daily self assessment on what joints feel tight then practice some strategies to get them moving freely again will go along to help you.

My favorite is our connective tissue. Think of ligaments, tendons and fascia. When our tissue is tight we are tight. Often with think it is our muscles that are the problem but more often than not it is the tissue. Fascia runs in and around the muscles which is why we think they are tight. We combat this tightness by doing movements that are 3-dimensional. This not only helps lengthen and strengthen the muscles and tissue but challenges our Central Nervous System. A win win situation. This type of training absolutely needs to be included. To get some ideas on how we achieve this follow us on instagram @studioforty6.

Variety in terms of movement and intensity. Some days go hard and other days give back to yourself. It is that simple. To simplify it further think about this…….Doing too much of the one thing is not good for us. Whether that is alcohol, work, eating whatever it is the results are not going to be positive if it is in excess. Our training is no different. Give it variety and it will repay you in spades.

Happy training



Kirsty Robbie - Co-founder of StudioForty6 and IoM Health Coach

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