What is functional training and how is it measured?

This month the S46 team tackled the big question: What is functional training?

Here’s what we came up with:

  • Most gyms call anything that isn’t isolated movement or basic exercise (i.e. squats, bench press etc.) as ‘functional’ training. We believe it’s a lot more then that!

  • It is variability! All encompassing & always changing movement

  • Its movement that helps you function in every day life

  • It makes you move better/smoother/easier in your day to day routine

  • Its 3D movement, in all directions and in all planes

  • It focuses not only on muscles, but the training fires on all cylinders; fascia, neurological, bone structure and muscles.

  • It hydrates the tissue & opens up the body.

How is functional training measured? This is a big question!!

Instead of measuring by how much weight loss or muscle size/shape is achieved, it can be measured by how much more you can do now. How much easier you move within your body. What you previously may have struggled with you can now do. Shift, bend, reach with relative ease compared to where you started.

Measuring functional training is tough, you have to remember how far you have come, be proud of your constantly improving fluent, rhythmic movement. At StudioForty6 we use an app where we store video footage of your movement so we can compare over time.

All in all, functional training is like a mixed bag of lollies. There’s all sorts inside, every bag has different amounts of each type, you never know what your going to get and even though you may not like one or two of the styles you still get it cause you know its goodness & majority are your favourites.

Lolly bags, I mean functional training, is all about having variety in the package not just one sort!! Don't just take our word for it, learn more check our this blog from the team at Perform Better.

Functional training: what is it & why should I do it

Enjoy your lollies.



Alon White - Training coordinator at StudioForty6

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