Why counting calories doesn't work!

We are often asked at StudioForty6 if we count calories. The answer to that is a big fat NO! There are many reasons why we don't apart from the obvious one of 'who has time to count calories'.

Unfortunately counting calories is a very old, out dated method of loosing weight. I remember being told that if you're looking to lose body fat, calorie counting was the obvious step to slim down. Thinking about it; It seems to make sense - the amount of calories you burn needs to be more than the amount of calories you consume and weight loss is bound to happen. It sounds simple, but counting calories is anything but, and because of this isn't the best way to hit your goal.

Here are our top 5 reasons why we don't encourage this method.

1. Calorie counts aren't accurate. Your plan might say that a medium apple is 90 calories, when in actual fact, it can be anywhere between 83 - 116 calories. A large sweet potato can range from 231 calories to a whopping 705 calories! The range is too inconsistent for the calories in/calories out theory to work accurately.

2. Our bodies don't actually absorb all the calories we eat. For every 1g of protein consumed, we absorb 4 cal, but there's 1.65 cal that go to waste.

3. Depending on whether you cook food or the way you cook it also affects the calories that are absorbed. For example, once a potato has been cooked, we absorb 91% more calories from it.

4. We are all unique and different people absorb calories differently. This is due to many factors but your gut bacteria and how healthy it is, is a major one.

5. Lots of calorie plans use portion sizes as a reference. A handful of rice = this amount of calories. But the truth is, my handful of rice is probably different to your idea of what handful of rice is. Again, it's not an accurate measure.

Calorie counting may work to a certain extent, but overall, as long as you're putting varied, healthy, organic foods (where possible) in your body, are aware of not eating too much and move your body regularly, fat loss will happen! It won't happen overnight, but if you consistently do the above, it will happen!

So, set yourself one habit to break and focus on forming a new one and forget about counting calories.



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