Should I stick to a meal plan?

The short answer is : probably not. Why not?

Forgive us for a few posts about calories and meal plans but it seems that there is a misconception out there that if clients can get their hands on a meal plan then the weight will fall off. This is simply not true unless it comes from someone who is an expert in this area and tailors it for YOU! Meaning they have run extensive tests and questioning to determine what will work for you. Sadly, we are all completely different and not one method will work for everyone. If it did we would all be on that plan, right? It is for this reason you will not find a meal plan at StudoForty6. What you will find are strategies to help you identify unhealthy habits and how to create healthy ones. This is far more effect in the fight to find your happy set point.

Here are our reasons why you shouldn't jump onto a meal plan....

1. For all the good intentions you have of sticking to a meal plan, preparing your weekly meals and being really organised - life gets in the way. And realistically it's extremely difficult to be able to keep to the regime of eating specific things at specific times every day.

2. Meal plans are supposed to be temporary. A way of getting you back into routine, an education on what healthy foods are and making a habit of eating the correct portion sizes. Keeping meal plans going for too long can lead to disordered eating as well as mental, metabolic and hormonal health issues.

3. Keeping to a meal plan isn't fun, and more often than not you'll probably end up hating it. Which in turn could see you get to the point where you are so fed up and so hungry, that you give up on eating healthy all together!

4. When life does get in the way and you 'fall off the wagon' and don't follow the plan it plays havoc with you mind. We tend to have the attitude of "I have blown it now so I will continue with this bad eating'. Instead of acknowledging that it was one bad meal and I can get back on track.

Our advice is to slowly integrate healthy eating habits into your lifestyle that are realistic and sustainable. How do you do that? Read Kirsty's blog here for some tips on creating good habits.


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