Getting to know - Alon White

How long have you been part of the S46 team?

I've been a trainer at StudioForty6 from the summer of 2010.

What made you want to become a personal trainer?

Originally my reasoning behind becoming a PT was because one of my best mates (the studio's very own Lexi!) told me I'd be good at it & should give it a go! Once I'd been accepted into the S46 team I quickly realised how rewarding the ability to change how people moved and their outlook on exercise was. That really excited me & has kept me motivated to keep supporting people to move for nearly a decade.

What is your favourite type of training to do:

In the studio?

My favourite type of training would have to be the isolated essentials chest, biceps, triceps & drop sets... Love a good drop set!

And outside the studio?

Favourite outside the studio training would have to be playing competitive sport. Cricket, soccer, football (kick to kick), golf... Any sport/competition is my sort of thing!

What is your favourite meal to cook?

It would have to be pasta fettuccine, garlic, pesto & pine nuts. Add a sprinkle of chilli flakes and finished off in a pan, it's a winner every time!

Your favourite place in the world and why?

The world is such a large place!! This is a tough question... From the places I've seen I'd have to say... one of my most recent trips to the southern island of New Zealand during winter. It was mind mindbogglingly beautiful, just raw, rugged & makes you feel so small!! I cant choose. I love the world & all its sights.

What do you specialise in?

My speciality is with people. I enjoy connecting to the humans around me & making them feel at home, comfortable & creating an environment for them to flourish. When it comes to movement, I believe SrtudioForty6 is the ideal space to become a better mover, whilst enjoying doing it!!

People want to train with me because?

It's about them & not about me!

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