5 Tips On How To Overcome A Plateau

We all hit them at some point, whether you’re focusing on fat-loss, increasing muscle mass or improving any aspect of our lives - a plateau will eventually happen after the initial success we’ve had on our goals. That’s no excuse to give up! You’ve worked hard to get where you are and now that you’ve plateaued the hard work needs to continue. Here’s some of our top tips to kick-start your body and to power through your plateau.

1. Re-adjust - Your body is different to what it was when your started your fitness journey, and so your movement and nutrition plan needs to change with it. It’s time to increase your exercise output and make sure you’re getting everything you need from your nutritional input.

2. Rotate - It’s time to mix things up! When you’ve stuck to a certain routine, your body gets used to it and sometimes needs a shock to the system to kick it back into gear. Try adding some different types of training to your schedule - whether it’s a Sunday run, joining a group class or integrating more weight training into your sessions.

3. Manage Stress - if you’re not feeling healthy in your head, it’s going to be a struggle to feel healthy in your body. Deal with any stress triggers in your life so it doesn’t hold your body back physically too.

4. Sleep - It is impossible for your body to function at its best without having a healthy amount of sleep every night. Half the battle is making sure you go to bed and wake up at a reasonable time. Then with your body clock in a regular routine, getting the recommended 8 hours a night is much easier to achieve and you’ll reap the benefits.

5. Treats - whether you treat yourself with a bar of chocolate, a bottle of wine or a take-away at the weekend, try cutting them down or out completely and you’re bound to push through that plateau in no time!

Iona Bruce

Iona is a fully qualified personal trainer, specialising in supporting those with CFS, M.E. & Fibromyalgia. She is also a business owner, writer and mental health awareness advocate, with a strong belief that health and fitness should be accessible and inclusive of everyone.

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