8 Tips To Stay On Track This Holiday Season

Holiday season is well and truly upon us. As magical as this time of year may be, it’s easily the hardest time of year in terms of making healthy choices. It’s easy to slip out of exercise routines, and feel like food is surrounding us, making it difficult to stay on track. Here are our tips to tackle this festive season:

1. Stay Active Just because it’s Christmas and the New Year, doesn’t mean you need to flip your whole routine. Make the most of the outdoors, go for walks, go swimming, play tennis, go for that hike, dance at the party, try a new gym class or even a home circuit. Exercise is a great way to get your daily dose of endorphins and relieve stress during this busy period.

2. Make Conscious Food Choices Making conscious food choices isn’t to say you should deprive yourself. Choose healthy options, and stop eating when you’re full. I know, looking at a dessert table you can sometimes mistake your location for the entrance to heaven. Take a minute to think about what you REALLY want, and how much is going on your plate.

3. Shop Smart Rule one of grocery shopping - Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. It’s too easy to throw everything that looks appealing in the trolley. If you walk in with a full stomach, you’re less likely to be tempted. Go in with a plan, and a shopping list full of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, grains and legumes, and stick to it.

4. Creative Kitchen Make the most of the Summer produce, test out that new recipe, and experiment with new ingredients you’ve never tried before. Try making healthy alternatives of your favourite foods and get the kids involved in the kitchen. Make it fun, colourful and flavourful!

5. Stay Hydrated You can easily mistake dehydration for hunger, and before you know it you’ve demolished all the biscuits. Find a funky drink bottle and carry it with you everywhere, especially as the weather warms up. Water can alleviate bloating, improve digestion, aid hunger cravings, improve energy and brain function. Aim for 2-3 litres a day. Can’t get enough water down? Try sparkling or fruit infused water.

6. Drink Mindfully Alcohol is often high in calories so don’t let social events make you overindulge. Alcohol has shown to increase appetite, and diminish your ability to control what you eat. So, if you are drinking, avoid doing so on an empty stomach to stop unnecessary eating. Opt for spirits, as these generally have less sugar and carbs than other alcoholic beverages. Be mindful of drinks that require mixers, and swap the soft drinks for soda water or sugar free drinks to save on those extra calories. Alcohol also dehydrates your muscles, so remember to drink water between your favourite alcoholic beverages.

7. Plan Your Day If you’re going out for lunch, save your calories and have a lighter breakfast. If you know you’ll be out busy all day, plan ahead and prepare food to take with you. This will save you from dropping in to the closest fast food store. Schedule in time to exercise to make sure it gets done, and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

8. Enjoy Yourself The festive season only comes around once a year, so make the most of it with friends and family, and give yourself a break!

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