How Incidental Exercise Can Make You Healthier & Happier

I often get asked why I walk so much. If I need something from the shops - I'll take the scenic route along the bay there and back. If I'm meeting up with some friends for dinner - I'll skip the Uber and walk instead. When I need to get to the studio - yep I'm walking from Elwood to get here. Why? Because we are all sitting on our bums too much - myself included. And if I can't train that day, the very least I can do is get my legs moving, especially when I need to get somewhere anyway!

We all know we should be doing 10,000 steps every day, which seems a lot for the average person that drives to work, sits at a desk all day and then drives home. But it's so easy to get your number up. Take public transport into work a few days a week and get off a couple of stops early. Walk to get your lunch instead of ordering it in - or if you're good and bring yours with you, get out of the office and sit in a park to fuel up. Ditch the car and walk to get your groceries. And instead of curling up in front of Netflix for the night, get outside and get your viewing cravings from the sunset instead.

Incidental exercise not only helps get you moving more, it's great for your mental health too. Whether it's 5 min dash to Coles or a 30 min walk to work - this is time for you, and time for your mind to think, process and clear. A lot of us struggle to take enough time out for ourselves. But if you need to get to whatever destination anyway, you might as well walk there and in the process get moving and feel healthier in both your body and your brain.

Iona Bruce

Iona is a fully qualified personal trainer, specialising in supporting those with CFS, M.E. & Fibromyalgia. She is also a business owner, writer and mental health awareness advocate, with a strong belief that health and fitness should be accessible and inclusive of everyone.

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