Top 5 Hikes Around Melbourne

Public holidays are great for food, family, drinks...and going exploring! Use the extra day away from work to get away from the city and enjoy some time in nature. Here's my top 5 places to venture to!

1. Werribee Gorge

Just an hour's drive out of Melbourne, Werribee Gorge is the perfect day trip location. A steep hike to begin with, but surrounded by great views and wildlife (I saw an echidna last time!) and ends on some fun rock climbing and a waterhole to have a quick dip!

2. 1,000 Steps

Whether you drive there or jump on the train, the 1,000 Steps are really easy to get to from the city. A bit of a challenge, whether you manage to walk or run up the steps!

3. The Bay

Starting from St Kilda, you can walk 20kms right along the beach to Mordialloc. Turn it into a run and it's the perfect place for training for your next half marathon.

4. Mount Buffalo

Go away for a few days and head up to Bright. With so many hikes there, you'll be spoilt for choice. But if it's hilltop views you're after, get your feet walking up Mount Buffalo.

5. Merri Creek

The beauty of Melbourne is that there's so many places in the city that make you feel like you're far, far away from the hustle and bustle. Walk along the Merri Creek, have lunch at Ceres and chill out at the Coburg lake.

What's your favourite place to explore?

Iona Bruce

Iona is a fully qualified personal trainer, specialising in supporting those with CFS, M.E. & Fibromyalgia. She is also a business owner, writer and mental health awareness advocate, with a strong belief that health and fitness should be accessible and inclusive of everyone.

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