Tried & Tested Tips On How To Balance Eating Out & Still Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

A shaved head.


And hours upon hours of silent meditation a day.

This is the level of sacrifice many people believe they need to make with their nutrition if they are to maintain a healthy body.

Luckily though you don’t have to close yourself off from society to the extent of a Bhuddist Monk to do so. You can still very much socialise, drink and enjoy yourself all whilst staying on track and heading towards your goals.

But how? Well it’s just about prioritising what matters most.

If you want to manage your body composition then the main thing you have to focus on is your calorie intake over a 7 day period.

If you want to make sure you’re fueling your body in the healthiest way possible then it’s important that you get the majority food from single ingredient, natural sources.

It’s definitely important to stay hydrated (2-4 litres a day depending on your size, activity levels and temperature you’re exposed to). And it’s essential we eat a decent amount (5-10 servings a day) of fruits and vegetables.

Tick all of these boxes and you’re doing a pretty good job.

So, you can see how it’s easy to do these and still enjoy a night out with friends to eat and have drinks. It just takes a bit of compensation around these events.

Here are our top 5 tips for doing just that:

1. Manage your overall intake

​If you know you’re eating out one night, simply reduce your calorie intake on the day, or days surrounding that event. This can be done by skipping a meal (no this isn’t unhealthy) or simply making your portion sizes smaller. What I myself like to do is build my meals solely around a protein source and vegetables if I’m trying to keep my calorie intake down before a big night.

2. Don’t starve yourself on the day

This is more likely to lead to over consumption during the meal out

3. If you find yourself eating out a lot (with work for example)

As mentioned previously try to base your meals around protein and vegetables. You can also ask the waiter to not bring the bread out if you know you’re likely to keep picking at it.

4. Get blending

Meals out often don’t provide a huge amount of vegetables unless you specifically ask for them. If this is the case, get your fix for the day by chucking 5-6 servings of fruit and veg into a NutriBullet. It’s quick and easy. I personally do this almost every day.

5. Don’t stress about it too much

If it’s not a regular occurrence (once a week or so) then what you do outside of that meal is going to have a bigger impact on your health and body composition.

If it is regular however, revert back to the previous 4 points!

Book in with the StudioForty6 Nutritionist, Mark Hallam and let him guide you through while you get the hang of it!

Mark Hallam

Mark is a movement specialist, Nutritionist and Health coach that has an enormous passion to help make everyone he works with healthier. In his opinion, a healthier life is a better life and he aims to inspire and educate his clients to take care of the way they move, breathe, eat, sleep, train and recover to ensure they are getting the most out of their bodies.

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