How Training Whilst Pregnant Can Prepare You For Parenthood

The benefits of training during pregnancy are well documented and undoubtedly not lost on anyone⁠.

A more active pregnancy, involving a good amount of weight training will help you stay strong during the pregnancy itself but will also give you a better chance of bouncing back after the birth.⁠

But how much of your training is geared towards what you’ll be doing once the baby arrives?⁠

The first few years of the babies life will involve plenty of bending down and picking them up.⁠

Something, that if not trained for, can place a fair amount of strain on the back and shoulders in particular⁠.

Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges etc. are all great exercises to be performing and should form part of any program⁠.

But they don’t fully replicate many of the movements you’ll be performing as a new parent⁠.

Picking things up off of the ground, from different positions and at different angles (some that may feel awkward at first) is a fantastic way to prepare your body for what will be required of it moving forward⁠.

This also applies to Dads, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles!⁠

Note: We don’t advise putting any baby down like this 😄⁠

We absolutely recommend to get a clearance from your GP or physio before commencing a training program. We work closely with two awesome physio practices that specialise in women's health being Be Active Physio and Fitwise

Have a read of this blog from our friend Shira on training and pregnancy.

Kirsty Robbie

Kirsty is the Co-Founder of StudioForty6 and a IoM Health Coach.

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