Often when setting goals, the focus is set around how we WANT to feel.

What we WANT to look like.

What specific markers we WANT to hit.

Which is great.


If the incentive for NOT changing isn’t great enough, then the motivation to achieve these goals however great and fulfilling they may seem will never remain high enough. Understanding pain points and what pain you associate with staying the same is often far more motivating than focusing on a transformations positive outcomes.

So here are some great questions to ask yourself when you’re looking to transform, not just your health, but any area of life:

  1. If we were too fast forward 6 months down the line and you’ve seen no change in your desired area, what pain do you associate with that?

  2. What other areas of your life does that negatively impact?

  3. WHO else in your life is negatively impacted from you NOT achieving this goal?

  4. What opportunities has this situation cost you in the past?

  5. And, if you were to stay the same, what opportunities do you see yourself missing out on in the future?

Understanding the positive impacts change will have on your life is great to a point, but you’re willing to put up with the current state of your health otherwise you’d have done something about it already. So, until you are UNWILLING to put up with it you won’t have enough desire to do what’s necessary to see a meaningful change.

Taking time to answer these questions will help with that. If you need some help to discover what will motivate you then reach out to us and we can hook you up with one of our Health coaches. This is what they are trained in, this is what they can help you with so why not make your life a little easier and let us help you.

You can't put a price on your health!

MARK HALLAM - StudioForty6 Training Manager and Health Coach.

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