I’m no architect.

In fact, I’m feeling quite nervous about the first time I’ll have to construct my little girl’s barbie house because I’m so bad with building anything. However, one thing I’m fairly confident about is that when any sort of building is constructed be it a skyscraper, house or even a child’s tree house the most important part of the building process is the first part …

Laying the right foundations.

Without the correct foundations, nothing else can function properly and the same goes with our body. Our feet are probably the most neglected parts of our bodies, yet they form the foundation for quality movement through every other joint wherever there is a joint in the body. It is there because movement is required, AT THAT SPECIFIC POINT.

We have an elbow to feed ourselves and to throw things.

We have knees to allow us to walk and run efficiently.

And we have 33 joints in our foot because movement through the foot is required as we traverse the land we live on. The problem is we now live, move and walk on predominantly flat surfaces. Meaning we often don’t experience the change in foot position we once did, when our bodies were evolving and, on top of this, we place our feet in shoes to ‘protect’ them.

When, it fact they are doing the exact opposite.

Shoes can point our toes in directions they aren’t mean to be pointed and, by raising the heel, place our ankle into positions it’s not meant to be placed in for long periods of time. A healthy body requires healthy functioning feet and healthy functioning feet require movement. Not to be stuck in casts all day that restrict it.

If you experience knee, hip or chronic back pain you may want to start looking at your foundations and improving the function of your foot.

Here’s a couple of drills, from a group called The Foot Collective, we recommend to start the process.

If you want to make your feet great again reach out to us and we can help you!

Mark Hallam - IoM Health Coach

Mark is a Movement Specialist, Nutritionist and Health coach that has an enormous passion to help make everyone he works with healthier. In his opinion, a healthier life is a better life and he aims to inspire and educate his clients to take care of the way they move, breathe, eat, sleep, train and recover to ensure they are getting the most out of their bodies.

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